Sudip Mitra (Airtax - PWC)

Airtax. Simple income tax for Old Haileyburians. 

Lodge your income tax return on your mobile in 15 minutes, anytime, anywhere.  Sign up for free, and pay when you lodge. Convenient and fast. In-app help and hints. Powered by PwC.

Old Haileyburians can pay just $79 to lodge, using discount code 'haileybury79' on the payment page.

Features of Airtax:

· Simple - Airtax provides users with information that is clear and easy to digest to guide you through the process of completing your taxes. You will also be provided with contextualised help and tips to assist you along the way.

· Convenient - Because Airtax is a desktop and mobile app, you will be able to complete your tax at anytime, anywhere. Airtax is available on desktop, iOS and Android apps.

· Less form filling - We take your information directly from the ATO so you don’t have to fill in unnecessary forms.

· We provide help and information to support you through all of the difficult aspects of tax. Help and information can always be accessed via our Help Centre, which contains hundreds of articles dedicated to answering your tax questions.