Climbing is one of the world’s fastest growing sports – coming to the Olympics in 2020! Members train regularly at Bayside Rock in Carrum Downs, in both bouldering and sport climbing disciplines. Bouldering is a more technical, social variant of climbing involving padded mats, no ropes and low heights. Climbing is not only the best way to keep fit and grow functionally strong; it’s your key to the outdoors. Outdoor climbing is an adventure like no other - OHA Climbing will aim to run trips annually, so if you need an excuse to explore the world, come and see why rock climbing is becoming so popular so fast. 

Contact: Andrew Chen (2015) at 0432 477 998 or or


The objectives of the OHA Climbing Club are as follows;

1.       To engage those members of the OHA in a recreational manner through a regular non – competitive climbing/bouldering experience.

2.       To build skills, technique and physical fitness of members through an introduction to a non-conventional sport and recreational activity, and thus possibly introduce them to competitive sport climbing.

3.       Maintain rapport between recent leavers and bring together members of the OHA.


For more information contact Andrew Chen (2015) at