Lawn Bowls

Held at Glen Waverley Bowls club, Old Haileybury were extremely competitive amongst 150+ bowlers and performed admirably finishing short by just 2 points of winning the overall championship trophy, which it hasn’t held since 1982. The overall winner was Old Carey with Old Melburnians coming in third position. One of the of team members still paying today John Cracknell, was part of the successful 1982 and 1979 winning team and the award for the best performing Old Haileybury rink each year has been named after him.

Whilst the entire Old Haileybury team played well, this year there were two 3 game winners with Leon Ross ('51) rink consisting of Frank Borchard , Andrew Bonwick (’88) and Barrie Carson winning their three matches and finishing 24 shots up. However it was the rink skipped by Andrew Penaluna (2004), including recent school leavers and past Haileybury school bowlers Riley Thompson (2017) and Nathan Ephraums (2017)and also Mark Thompson (’82) that finished a considerable 42 shots up. This was the best performing rink not only on the day for Old Haileybury but also across all schools rinks.

The team is already looking forward to next year going one step further to regain the trophy.


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