Class of 1968 - 50 Year Reunion Morning Tea

The 1968 morning tea reunion will take place in the Sholto Black Room at the Castlefield campus, 120 South Rd, Brighton East on Friday, 26th October at 10.00 am.

Guests at this event will be treated to a school tour around the grounds of Castlefield. There is no charge to attend this event, although registration is essential.

Please note, all 1968 members are also welcome to attend the Brian "Weary" Clark Club Luncheon, held at the Sandringham Yacht Club, where they will be warmly inducted into the "50 Years On" club!

Partners are also warmly welcome to attend both the morning tea and Clark Club Lunch.

Invitations will be sent out closer to the date, although you are very welcome to register your attendance now, by selecting the 'green' RSVP button and following the steps.  Please be sure to note any dietary requests in the 'Special Requests' section.

It is essential for you to register for the events you are attending.  If you wish to book into the Clark Club Luncheon now, please click here.

To ensure we have accurate contact details, please email your email and postal addresses to

We look forward to welcoming you back to your School.


Friday, October 26 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


120 South Road, Brighton


1968 Morning Tea Ticket - Old Haileyburian - Free Ticket

Clark Club Lunch Ticket (1968 member) - $ 50.0 (AUD)

1968 Morning Tea Ticket - Guest/Partner - Free Ticket

Voluntary tax-deductible donation to the Haileybury Foundation - $ 100.0 (AUD)

Clark Club Lunch Ticket for Partner/Guest of 1968 Member - $ 55.0 (AUD)


Lounge Suit

Important Information

The OHA happily accepts ticket transfers and cancellations up to 7 days prior to all OHA events.

Join in on the fun!