Clubs Grant Program

The OHA was pleased to provide funding to six Clubs in its recent grant allocations as follows;

OHA Touch - for the purchase of an OHA Touch club branded marquee for use in all matches.

OHA Dance – for the purchase of costumes for State and National competitions.

OHA Social Justice – to cover the cost of Big Umbrella events and for a social enterprise project.

OHA Netball – to purchase uniform and bibs as the club continues to expand.

OHA Aerobics – to purchase music and costumes for upcoming State and National competitions.

OHA Volleyball – to purchase uniforms and balls for the OHA’s newest club.

The OHA Clubs grants program is designed to:  

Strengthen OHA Clubs by encouraging activities directed towards:

  • Increasing both female and male membership;
  • Building stronger connections / ties to the school, OHA and other OHA Clubs; and
  • Communicating club news to the broader OHA network to raise their profile.

The Clubs funding cycle occurs bi-annually, to make it accessible to all OHA Clubs given the seasonality of some Clubs activities. The closing date for our next set of applications is October 30 with funding allocations due in early October.