Community Grants Program

To apply for a 2020 Community Grant using the online application system, please email through your application to with the Subject : Community Grants Application. Your application must include;

1. Your name and alumni year.

2. Project Title

3. Email address and phone number.

4. Describe your project in 200 words or less.

5. What is your direct involvement in the project?

6. What are the project objectives?

7. What is the benefit to the recipient community?

8. Start and end dates of the project.


Selection criteria:

The OHA Community Grants purpose is to provide financial support to Old Haileyburians in need and/or to projects where OHA members are actively involved in and which have a direct benefit to communities in Australia or overseas. The program can also offer other support (volunteers, skilled labour) to projects where OHA members are actively involved. The selection criteria is as follows;

All projects where an OHA member provides an application will be considered with preference given to projects where:

  • Multiple OHA members are involved with a significant degree of commitment (this means in excess of fundraising).
  • The financial or other support is perceived to have the most benefit either to the individual or community in need and meet the purpose for which this funding arrangement is set up.
  • The project follows on from the notion that Haileybury students’ leave the School at the end of their studies as not only better students but also as better members of society.
  • Please note that funding is only available to projects which directly benefit the individual OHA member in need or community in which they are working/assisting. Examples of projects that will not be funded include OHA sporting clubs and individual leadership programs. 


Before applying please view the Community Grants Information Booklet - click here.

Successful applicants will be required to submit an article to The Haileyburian on completion of their projects, highlighting the work that was done, the Haileybury connections involved and how the funds provided by the OHA assisted the project (preferably with a photo) within 6 months of receiving the funds, or an alternative agreed date.

Note: Please be advised that the Selection Panel will use its discretion in applying these guidelines and reserves the right to review their application criteria at any time.

Please direct any queries to or contact the OHA office on (03) 99046141.

Applications close in August 2020.