One of the significant benefits of being a member of the OHA is its connection to a large number of professionals across multiple professions.

Alumni members are encouraged to contact the OHA to explore the opportunity of a mentor relationship.

Simply email your details to and one of our team will ensure that we put you in contact with a member of our community who will be able to assist you with your professional requirements. 

Over 50 members are now receiving the benefit of being mentored by a senior practitioner in their chosen field.

Recently we have placed mentees with the following high calibre professionals;

Dr. Tilan Beneragama ('92) - Surgeon at Peninsula Health.

Andrew Baxter ('85) - Senior Advisor. KPMG.

Darren Scammell ('82) - Partner. Grant Thornton.

Michael Regos ('75) - Former Partner. DLA Piper

Joshua Casey (2003) - Financial Consultant. Harbert Financial Advisors.

Jim Kydas ('84) - Company Director P2 Group.

Peter Sise (2000) - Associate Principal at Clayton Utz.

Andrew Millen ('85) - Manager Development Services at Mildura Rural City Council.

Tony Martin ('87) - Partner. Ernst and Young

Beth Keamy (2007) - Senior Social Strategist. Media Arts Lab.

Here is what some of our mentors/mentees are saying;

Emily Moreton (2011) is being mentored by Peter Sise (2000) in the legal industry.

"I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that the mentoring catch up I had with Peter Sise was really great. He was incredibly generous paying for my breakfast and agreeing to meet me at 7:45am before work! He offered so much guidance and I have since implemented 4 suggestions that he made in order to give myself the best chance of securing a graduate job for next year.  

The best piece of advice that I received was asking yourself the question 'where am I directing my attention?'. Peter said he likes to pick 2 or 3 things each year, and ultimately these should align with your goals. If not, perhaps some adjustments need to be made. I got immense value out of meeting Peter, which I have shared with others. I look forward to contacting him again soon to see how he is and share my progress.  

I have since recommended the OHA Mentor service to many others (some have taken it up!) as I think it is a fantastic platform for Mentees in particular! Thank you very much for coordinating this."

Christina Hewawissa (2015) is being mentored by Beth Keamy (2007) in the fashion industry.

"Just wanted to thank you for passing on Beth Keamy's details to have as a contact for the fashion industry. She has responded to us in regards to our Ethical Clothing brand 'Generation Co.' with some really valuable feedback. She will most likely be our mentor for social media marketing as she is keen to share more of her knowledge with us. There are some lovely people in the OHA and it is really lovely that we can all connect and form a network."

James Serpell (2013) is being mentored by Tony Martin ('87) in the field of Accountancy.

"The mentoring with Tony has been a huge help for me. I’m currently in the selection process for the Big 4 accounting firms and Tony’s advice has been really useful. Glad to be a part of a network that is able to help out its members in ways like this." 

Anthony Tram (2013) - "Thank you again for your help, it's great to be able to feel so supported within the Haileybury network. Many students speak very highly of our strong Alumni network and I'd like to pass thanks onto you and your team who keep us all in connected."

Chris Waxman (2000) is being mentored in the Healthcare field by Shaheen Evans ('93). Chris comments;

I just had my first mentoring session with Shaeen Evans that went really well. He was especially giving of his time and clearly experienced in the mentoring role. He has already made me think of my home and professional situation differently and his strong drive and passion is very evident. He has made himself available any time and in a structured capacity every fortnight for the first few months then monthly at my direction from there which is very generous.

Hannah Martin (2008) is being mentored by Professor Simon Molesworth AO AM ('71) in the field of Environmental Law. Hannah comments; 

I met with Simon last week, he was great! His involvement and contributions to environmental law and conservation is just astounding. Thank you for putting me in contact!

Chloe Fisher (2011) is being mentored in the field of Occupational Therapy by current Haileybury parent, Danielle Holding. Chloe remarks;

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to have discussed Occupational Therapy with someone working in the field. This opportunity is priceless and I strongly encourage any Old Haileyburian who needs guidance to try the mentoring program!" 

Whether you are just starting your career, are in the peak of your career or are thinking of taking on a complex challenge, the OHA mentoring program can help you excel further! This program aims to connect you with a fellow Old Haileyburian who can guide you through the complexities of university, work and professional development.

The OHA is keen to assist members obtain the right mentor for them. We have successfully connected mentors/mentess in a variety of industries including;

  • Corporate Banking
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Health
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Science
  • Private Equity
  • Investment Banking
  • Marketing

Many members find the OHA LinkedIn page a useful tool to search for their preferred mentor. This is encouraged. Contact us once you have found a good match. If you still can't find a match by using this tool, contact us via email.