Donate today to the Haileybury Foundation.

Some choose to give to the Scholarship Fund, to assist those who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to receive a Haileybury education, whilst others prefer the Building Fund, to contribute towards enhancing the school's facilities for the benefit of current and future students.  

In both cases, all such donors receive a tax deduction for making their charitable gift - so, as we are fast approaching the end of another financial year, I am asking you, on behalf of your Foundation, to please consider making a donation, large or small, before 30th June - in turn, we pledge to you that whatever amount you give will be applied in its entirety to your chosen Fund, since we have a voluntary Board and do not carry any of our administrative costs.  I thank you in anticipation.

As the old financial year draws to a close and the new one begins, we also thought it an opportune time to refresh our look and create our own distinctive Foundation brand with a meaningful image to capture what Haileybury's philanthropic body represents within our community.  We trust you like our new 'tree' emblem: it is designed to marry the school's heritage - the longevity of the iconic Moreton Bay Fig tree standing within our oldest campus in Brighton - with the Foundation's future - our strong roots now allowing us to grow for many years into the future and help secure Haileybury's future and those of its students so fortunate to attend.

Donations can be made online by clicking here.

For further information or to make a donation to any of the Foundation’s funds, please contact Russell Davidson, Director of Development and Alumni Relations on +61 3 9904 6140 or via email