Honouring our Generations

Celebrating Generations breakfast events aim to deepen the engagement level of Haileybury alumni who have their children or grandchildren attending the School. It provides the OHA an opportunity to show an appreciation to our members who have continued to place faith in Haileybury as a source of education for their children, whilst meeting and re connecting with other alumni. Senior members of the School and OHA Executive will be in attendance.

Invitations will be extended to Old Haileyburians who have their children at Haileybury. In turn, we ask that 2nd generation Old Haileyburians invite their fathers if possible.

Who Attends?

-          Sons and daughters of Old Haileyburians.

-          Mothers / Fathers / Grandfathers of above.

The event allows current students to identify with the OHA and further entrenches the spirit of community amongst Old Haileyburians.

As our gift to attendees, All Old Haileyburians who attend, will be presented with a commemorative pin which acknowledges you as either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Haileyburian.  The attending children of Old Haileyburians will also be presented with a commemorative pin indicating their generation – 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on.

The events commence at 7.30am and attendees will be served a hearty breakfast. The event will conclude in time for children to attend normal classes.

Events will be held on all campuses as follows;

Keysborough – Friday 23 March. Barney Allen Room. Senior School.

Brighton - Friday 18 May. Sholto Black Room.

City – Friday 8 June. Level 9 Boardroom.

Berwick – Friday 22 June.


Bookings for the Keysborough event can be made here.

We look forward to seeing you there,.