Opening up a whole new world.

Over 60 people listened to stories of success and intrigue from four Old Haileyburians and one staff member at the recent event held at Haileybury Keysborough.

Sol Dasika (2015) has been living in Tokyo for the past 3 years attending university and will be entering his last year from next month. Sol has been studying about and immersed in many aspects of society and the culture, student life, the music scenes, all of which are very different to Australia. Sol says that his interest in Japan was sparked from the study tour he attended in Year 11 with Hagino Sensei.


Robin Irvine is Haileybury's Head of Middle School Humanities. Born in the UK, Robin spent 10 years living and working in Asia in a diverse range of rolls including tour leading, teaching and studying. Based in Beijing 2002-2010, he has travelled extensively in North Asia and regularly return to the region. He located to Melbourne in 2011 where he taught at Melbourne Girls’ Grammar School for 7 years. Robin joined the Team at Haileybury as Head of Middle School Humanities after a year teaching Economics in Kuala Lumpur, at the Australian International School of Malaysia.


Christopher Reid (’94) is currently a travel advisor at Sundowners Overland, a travel company that specialises in journeys on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Silk Road and Caucasus regions.   In his role, Chris needs to help prospective clients make informed choices for their "once in a lifetime" journey, as well as assisting with flights, visas, travel insurance, etc.  Prior to working in the travel industry, Chris was an English teacher in Indonesia. (It is very difficult to obtain work in French-speaking countries in Europe if you're not an EU citizen). In both positions, Chris’s knowledge of other cultures, other languages and other perspectives, has enabled him to succeed in work and personal goals; learning another language in depth also helped him with his English teaching qualification. 


Ella Yang (2014) went to Monash University and is currently doing Honours in cardiovascular physiology. Learning French was more than an interest for Ella - it was always a passion. It taught Ella discipline first and foremost because French is a highly structured and strictly regulated language. Learning French also opened up many professional opportunities for Ella outside of Australia. While she was on exchange in France at the end of Year 11, her host family worked in her field of interest and showed her the possibiities of developing professionally in a French-speaking country.


Max Branchflower (2005) did year 12 Japanese in Year 11 and was able to do first year Japanese at Monash in year 12. In 2006 Max was awarded the Neustupny Japanese prize for the top Honours student. Max is a Retail Manager at Village Cinemas and also works for the Japanese Consul.


We thank all of our speakers for their excellent presentations.