Haileybury Foundation Scholarships Change Lives

Learn of the story of Haftu Strintzos (2018) and Rija Khanal (2008) – two beneficiaries of Haileybury Foundation scholarships. Click here. 

No matter the size of your donation, every cent assists a student who would not otherwise have had the benefit of a Haileybury education.

And that benefit is significant.

In 2018 93% of students were placed in the top 40% of students in Australia
2,600 boys and girls compete for Haileybury in organised Saturday competitions
Over 95% of students receive a first round tertiary offer
Haileybury’s students are taught by the very best. An annual Professional Recognition Program and a teacher coaching model are just two ways that teachers are encouraged to thrive beside their students
In 2018 Haileybury was voted as Australian School of the Year.

We are incredibly proud of this and thankful to our community members who assist students from all backgrounds to attend our School.

You have made an incredible difference.

We seek your support of the Haileybury Scholarship Fund in 2019 and hope that you will join us in changing a young student’s life forever.
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