The OHA rely on the support and insights from their volunteers. OHA Ambassadors play a crucial role in supporting both the Office and Council to bring you the best member experience possible. The Ambassador program is also designed to provide a stepping stone onto the OHA Council with mentoring pathways available for anyone interested in joining Council.

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Chapter Ambassadors

OHA Chapter Ambassadors are appointed to help support the strategic vision and objectives for Old Haileyburians living interstate and overseas. They provide invaluable on-the-ground support and insight working closely with the OHA Office team and the Chapter Relations Portfolio Councillor. The aim is to ensure that the member experience for all Chapter Members is of the highest standard and that our events and engagement continue to grow year-on-year.

Agile Ambassadors

Agile Ambassadors are a group of like-minded creative legends coming together in a casual setting to drive change to YOUR membership experience. They provide an open minded approach to projects, ideas and innovation within the Association and support both the OHA Office and Council. Agile Ambassadors participate in ideation sessions, feedback discussions and more, giving raw and honest insight to help us improve! We are always seeking more Agile Ambassadors so why not join the OHA Human Centred Thinking team today.


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