OHA Networking Program

When our members Stay Connected, they unlock the power of their OHA Membership and can take their Career pathway to the next level.

Our three tiered networking structure allows members to work their way from networking novice to business leadership networking. This program aligns well with our mentoring program, giving opportunities for alumni to delve deeper into their business connections.

Introduction to Networking

Introduction to networking is open to all members interested in dipping their toes into the world of connection. Our introduction to networking events cover the basics of networking and give our alumni the tools to put your best foot forward.

Industry Networking

Once you are comfortable with networking and are ready to put your learnings into practice, why not join us at the next industry networking events and take your career or business to the next level!

Business Leaders Networking

The Sursum Corda Society is an invite only business leaders event connecting like-minded C-suite business professionals operating at an executive level.

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