OHA Mentor Program

When our members Stay Connected, they unlock the power of their OHA Membership and can take their Career pathway to the next level.

From simple career advice over a shorter period of time, to life changing on-going mentor relationships, this program is a fully bespoke solution that can be tailored just for you!


The Mentor Program starts with a kick-off event open to all. Hear about the program, learn what’s involved and enjoy Staying Connected. This free event will be held early in the year so make sure you subscribe to OHA News and keep an eye out on the events page.

How it Works

  1. Sign up to the Mentor Program as a Mentor or Mentee at anytime for more information and your personal invitation to the launch event
  2. Attend the official Mentor events to learn what it’s all about and see if its the right fit for you
  3. Forget what you know about Mentoring, our program has thrown out the rules and is here to deliver a program that suits you… not the other way around!
  4. Search through Alumni Connect (Powered by LinkedIn) and begin to build your Mentor wishlist
  5. Stay tuned for more details throughout the year and contact the OHA Office at anytime…

Apply Now

If you are a future Mentor or Mentee and want to learn more, fill out our quick expression of interest and the OHA Office will be in touch! All applications will be added to the Mentor Program Launch Event personalised invitation list. We hope to see you there soon…

Guiding Principles & Code of Practice

Confidentiality – mentoring is a confidential activity, so both parties have a duty of care toward each other to ensure a safe environment throughout.

Honesty – be open and honest about the relationship itself. It is a good idea to assess how things are going and talk about what would make the sessions better for you both.

Respect – respect each other’s time and respective role; respect that you both may have different approaches, options and values.