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Keep Your Eye on the Bowl

Before getting on the mat and sending your bowl down, make sure to go through your ‘pre-set routine’


  • What is the skip asking me to do?
  • Where do I need to aim? (see below some tips re getting aim line)
  • Aim your feet down the line you have chosen with your hips facing your aim point
  • What weight do I need to play? (Am I drawing or playing a yard through)
  • Grip bowl as you do
  • Is the bowl on the correct bias?
  • Visualise the line of the bowl
  • Ensure your follow through is along the aim line of your bowl.

Tick these off as a mental note and you should have no problem in executing the shot you want to play.
Ensure your pre-set routine is the same each time.

Lastly ‘WATCH YOUR BOWL UNTIL IT RESTS’ – reason being is your brain is collecting key data on the weight and line so it can correct for the next one, if you don’t watch it till it comes to rest you are missing out on critical data.

Following these steps every time you bowl will help become a more consistent and confident bowler. Being able to execute all variety of shots.

Getting Your Aim Line (see Diagram 1)

Effectively you have 4 options to taking your line

  • From a fixed object or mark on the bank – ie start at the boundary peg
  • Take a line from a fixed mark on the back and take it back in line to Jack High length
  • Focus on a mark where your bowl begins to turn at the shoulder
  • Take a fixed mark on the green (not a leaf etc) a 2-4 feet in front of you along your aim line.

Remember mat back on the tee will be your widest line and as mat is moved up your aim line must come in – see Diagram 2 below.

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