General Manager – Commercial (Paid Role)

This role would suit:

Anyone looking to get involved with a community football club.
A semi-retired person looking for some activities and purpose in their lives.
A current student or recent University Graduate with a Business, Sports Administration or Hospitality degree looking for some experience in their field of choice.  This would be a great way to meet people from the OHA and be amongst the network which could lead you to your “career” job.
Anyone looking for some part-time work.
Anyone looking for some voluntary work.
Anyone passionate about the success of the OHAFC.




• Strengthen key relationships with the OHA and its clubs and the school.
• Oversee the roll out of club affiliation packages and renewals and overall sponsor management.
• Oversee the Revenue Streams for sponsorship and membership as per below.
• Seek all possible government and community grants and funding available for the club.


• Develop and maintain strategies for the ongoing expansion of the membership base of the Club.
• Liaise with stakeholders to ensure membership fees reflect current opinions of various sections of the Club.
• Provide to the Committee as soon as possible after the completion of each season with recommendations for all membership types and fees for the ensuing year.
• Ensure that tickets and related membership data are prepared for distribution.
• Ensure that ticket holders are invited to all club functions.
• Assist with the collection of fees from all members.
• Assist with the collection of all subscription fees from players. Initiate incentives where required.
• Provide details of all members to the Club Secretary to maintain the Club data base of membership.


• Develop a proposal, for ratification by the Committee, for sponsorship packages to be offered by the Club to attract as broad a sponsorship as possible.
• Coordinate all sponsorship for all areas of the club.
• Meet the sponsorship budget target set as part of the annual financial planning process.
• Ensure all existing sponsors are contacted three months prior to the season commencement
• Seek out new sponsors to supplement existing sponsors.
• Ensure sponsors signage is in place and all other aspects of sponsorship packages are in place prior to the commencement of the season.
• Arrange a sponsors lunch / dinner at an appropriate time of the year.
• Ensure all sponsorship agreements are honoured.
• Maintain contact with all corporate sponsors throughout the season.
• Maintain strong relationships with all Club sponsors.


• Prepare a report proposing a suitable range of clothing for sale for consideration by the Committee at the commencement of the season
• Arrange the wide promotion of clothing items to members, supporters and the community.
• Provide a convenient means by which orders can be placed for all clothing lines.
• Arrange the display of clothing lines on gameday and club functions.
• Ensure sufficient clothing stocks are maintained to ensure orders are filled promptly.
• Maintain strong relationships with approved suppliers of clothing lines.


• Commercial and financial acumen with a proven track record of managing budgets and achieving financial KPI’s.
• Strategic thinking and planning, including the ability to analyse data and identify stock issues or trends.
• Demonstrated ability to manage a team, including casual staff.
• Demonstrated ability to think creatively and identify new revenue opportunities.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including a commitment to open, honest, two-way and frequent communication.
• Demonstrated experience with engaging various stakeholders and the ability to influence people at all levels within the organisation as well as to interact and engage with external stakeholders.
• Ability to work flexible hours across 7 days during the football season.


• Possess a current driver’s licence.
• Tertiary qualified in Sports Administration, Business or Marketing.


• A strong personal brand, including displaying well developed personal values, integrity and a commitment to professionalism and accountability.
• Organised and outcome focussed whilst remaining generous, hospitable, inclusive, considerate and open.
• Ability to work independently or as part of a team.
• A commitment to self-improvement and learning and development.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks.
• Ability to meet timelines in an effective and efficient manner.
• Organised and outcome focussed whilst remaining generous, hospitable, inclusive, considerate and open.
• Ability to contribute to an engaged and high-performance team environment.
• Commitment to self-improvement and learning and development.

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