Anthony Gown

Heritage No#:19 

Position: Hooping Lead 

Birthdate: 3/8/1968 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: HS 2020 

Previous clubs: Shallow Water Body Surfing Club 

Year commenced Bowling: 2021 

OHBC highlight: Watching Andy “The Freak” Penaluna go to work 

Personal interests/hobbies: Golf, AFL and Pigeon Racing 

3 Favourite songs:
Running on Empty – Jackson Browne
Running with the Devil – Van Halen
Long Train Running – Doobie Brothers 

Nickname: Dressing , The Ventriloquist 

Personal statement/quote: I always look forward to Monday and Tuesday during Bowls season. OHBC is a wonderful cohort of people enjoying each other’s company; a competitive spirit and a few beers. 

Scott Doran

Heritage No#:6 

Position: Skip & Secretary 


Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH ‘84 

Previous clubs: Old Haileybury Cricket, Woodlands Golf Club, MCC, Stony Creek Racing Club, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club 

Year commenced Bowling: 2021 

OHBC highlight: Seeing the success of the club grow weekly and being a part of this wonderful community 

Personal interests/hobbies: Guitar, surfing, watching old Rob Parella highlights 

3 Favourite songs: Any song in the OHBC playlist but specifically
Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
Rude – Evie Lulu
In Between Days – The Cure 

Nickname: Scotty 

Personal statement/quote: Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be

Peter Jacob

Heritage No#: 23 

Position: Lead 


Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: HS 2017 

Previous clubs: Cheltenham Rustlers Baseball Club, Anglesea Boardriders 

Year commenced Bowling: 2022 

OHBC highlight: Winning my first end, being welcomed in to the club 

Personal interests/hobbies: Surfing, learning to play the banjo. 

3 Favourite songs:
Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
Staying Alive – The Bee Gees
You sexy thing – Hot Chocolate
Ca Plane Pour Moi – Plastic Bertrand. 

Nickname: 10 buck Mexican, Pedro, the Pistol 

Personal statement/quote:  ‘ Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters” – Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant 

Mark Thompson

Heritage No#: 1

Position: Skip – 3rd

Birthdate: 9/11/64

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: 1982

Previous clubs: Bentleigh BC. Rosebud Foreshore. Beaumaris BC.

Year commenced Bowling: 2004

OHBC highlight: Seeing the enjoyment, fun and camaraderie being had by our members.

3 Favourite songs:
Valerie – Amy Winehouse
Just like a pill – Pink
Walls come tumbling down – The Style Council
Hold on forever – Rob Thomas

Russell Davidson

Heritage No#:4 

Position: Third – When ever I get a game

Birthdate: 25/4/69

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: 1986

Previous clubs: Former mini drivers of Australia Club. Dismissed the first ball of the game club.

Year commenced Bowling: 2021

OHBC highlight: McHale’s post game heroics V Hampton RSL

Personal interests/hobbies:  Family, AFL Umpiring, Food, Golf and Travel.

3 Favourite songs:
Under The Clocks – Weddings Parties Anything
Dumb Things · Paul Kelly
You’re the Voice – John Farnham

Personal statement/quote:  No Pain No Gain

Todd Hartley

Heritage No#: 

Position: Sublime Third 

Previous clubs: Sandringham Little Athletics Club 

Year commenced Bowling: 2021 

Clayton Ford

Name: Clayton Ford

Nickname: Falcon

Heritage no: 21

Position: Second (currently)

Alumni year: 1991

Previous clubs: OHA Coffee Club, Collingwood Football Club, Sandringham Golf Club (all current)

Year commenced bowling: 2022

OHBC highlight: The camaraderie and craic of the team, on and off the rink

Personal interests/hobbies: Golf, snorkel/scuba, low ‘n’ slow BBQ-ing, foraging & fishing, exploring whisky & wine

Favourite songs:

  1. Radar Love – Golden Earring
  2. Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
  3. Holiday – Green Day
  4. Proud Mary – Credence Clearwater

Personal statement: “Don’t cut the head!”

Ian Clydesdale

Heritage No#: 2

Position: Treasurer / Team Manager

Birthdate: 24/10/59

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH 1977

Previous clubs: OHAFC

Year commenced Bowling: 2022

OHBC highlight: Winning this year premiership

Personal interests/hobbies:  Sport and travel

3 Favourite songs:
– Tubular Bells (all 45 minutes)
– Dark side of the moon
– Hotel california

Personal statement/quote: “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

Don McGregor

Heritage No#:16 

Position: Versatile player in any position 

Birthdate: 7/2/50 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH ‘67 

Previous clubs: Albert Park 

Year commenced Bowling: 2013 

OHBC highlight: Winning 

Personal interests/hobbies: Bowls  – Developing the U/18 Squad 

3 Favourite songs: Anything from the Swing Era, 1940’s Jazz standards and Jazz Be-bop from ’56 to ‘78 

Nickname: The Don 

Personal statement/quote: Carpe Diem 

Andrew Penaluna

Heritage No#: 22 

Position: Skip 


Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH 2014 

Previous clubs: Still at Beaumaris 

Year commenced Bowling: At Haileybury in 2002 

OHBC highlight:  Seeing the growth in the OHBC squads’ development
Winning the inaugural OHBC Singles Championship 

Personal interests/hobbies:  Lawn Bowls and Water Skiing 

3 Favourite songs:
Taylor Swift – All to well ( 10 Minute version)
Luke Combs – When it rains it pours
Pitbull – Fireball 

Nickname: Apples or Penny 

Personal statement/quote: Grip it and rip it 

Micky Constable

Heritage No#:3  

Position: Back Pocket Plumber – Don’t finesse it, just kick it! 

Birthdate: 24/3/1967 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH ‘84 

Previous clubs: Old Haileybury Cricket and Football. 

Year commenced Bowling: 2021 

OHBC highlight: Delivering the Bowl of the Century! – unfortunately there have been some copycats 

Personal interests/hobbies:  –  The 3 F’s – Fish Creek, Footy and Family & Friends 

3 Favourite songs:
Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
Tusk – Fleetwood Mac
South Side – Evie Lulu – a young up and coming artist 

Nickname: Cunnas, The Cunnamulla Kid, Squirts 

Personal statement/quote:  ‘Ive always got my Squirter” 

Ned Doran

Heritage No#:27 

Position: Centre Half Bench 


Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH 2015 

Previous clubs: The Aussie Protectors – Indoor Cricket Champions 2009 

Year commenced Bowling: 2022 

OHBC highlight: Using the pink bowls at every training. 

Personal interests/hobbies: Cooking, going to the pub, cinema 

3 Favourite songs:
Three Six Mafia – Sippin’ on some syrup
Grandaddy –  A.M. 180
Momma – Speeding 72
Dry Cleaning – Anna calls from the Artic. 

 Nickname: Knuckles 

Personal statement/quote: ‘Being challenged in bowls is inevitable, being defeated is optional. 

Brad Hyde

Heritage No#:19 

Position: Lead/Second 

Birthdate:5 October 1964 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH ‘82 

Previous clubs: The Chevron 

Year commenced Bowling: 2022 

OHBC highlight: My annual game with my dad whilst wearing the Full OHBC kit at his club in Umina Beach, NSW 

Personal interests/hobbies: Watching Grand Designs, My lawn, ‘Amusing’ my family, ‘Back in the day….’ 

3 Favourite songs:
London Calling – The Clash
Panic – The Smiths
Don’t look Back in Anger – Oasis
I only want to be with you 0 The Tourists 

Personal statement/quote: ‘ The future belongs to those who plan for it” 

John Kingsley

Heritage No#: 9

Position: Talented and competitive Lead – CHF & CHB

Birthdate: 2/5/61

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH ‘78

Previous clubs: Left Handers Club. Village Green Preservation Society.

Year commenced Bowling: 2021

OHBC highlight: Monday night as the sun went down in 2021

Personal interests/hobbies: Football, bowls and Phillip Island

3 Favourite songs:
Dark Age – The Hippo’s
The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring
A Message to You, Rudy – The Specials

Personal statement/quote: There are laws for us and a law for them. 


Riley Thompson

Heritage No#:12 

Position: Punter 

Previous clubs: OHFC 

Year commenced Bowling: 2013 

John Milne

Heritage No#:20 

Position: Second, Third or Skip 

Birthdate: 7/6/1956 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH ‘73 

Previous clubs: Albert Park, Elwood, MCC and Cheltenham 

Year commenced Bowling: 2008 

OHBC highlight: My new waterproof jacket 

Personal interests/hobbies: Farming and sheep 

3 Favourite songs:
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
How to Make Gravy – Paul Kelly
Cold Heart – Elton John 

Nickname: Milney 

Personal statement/quote:  ‘Its not over ‘til its over’ 

Mark McHale

Heritage No#:14

Position: Gun – No2

Birthdate: 4/11/1965

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH 2003 – 2020

Previous clubs: Golf

Year commenced Bowling: 2022

OHBC highlight: Lots of personal highlights. Getting to meet and bowl with great people.

Personal interests/hobbies: Football, golf and walking

3 Favourite songs:
Por ti volare

Khe Sanh
Piano man

Personal statement/quote:
Bite off more than you chew, then chew like crazy!
If you ain’t first you are last.

Charlie Constable

Heritage No#:15 

Position: Handy Back Flanker and good in the centre 

Birthdate: 18/5/1999 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH 2017 

Previous clubs: Highton Bowls Club/ Burleigh Heads Bowls Club 

Year commenced Bowling: 2012 

OHBC highlight: v Seeing the Old Man consistently struggle when the pressure mounts 

Personal interests/hobbies: Youtubing Videos on Bowling 

3 Favourite songs: Anything from the Kings of Leon 

Nickname: Chook 

Personal statement/quote:  Up the Bloods 

Andrew Hicks

Heritage No#: 8 

Position: Utility, happy to play where the club needs me. 

Birthdate: 30/7/1962 

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH’ 80 

Previous clubs: OHBC 

Year commenced Bowling: 2021 

OHBC highlight: Playing 

Personal interests/hobbies: Horseracing and Football 

3 Favourite songs:
Move with Me – Tim Buckley
Never Going Back to my Old School – Steely Dan
Into my  Arms – Nick Cave 

Nickname: Hyxy 

Personal statement/quote:  Do it or Lose it 

Roger Gerny

Heritage No#: 17

Position: Lead / 2

Birthdate: 5/11/59

Alumni/Haileybury Society Year: OH’ 1977

Previous clubs: OHAFC, OHCC

Year commenced Bowling: 2021 

OHBC highlight: Being with good people and reconnecting  

Personal interests/hobbies: Family 1st

3 Favourite songs:
I will survive – Gloria Gaynor
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Hotel California – Eagles

Nickname: Gerns +++ 

Personal statement/quote:  Forget about the past, what are you/we going to do about the future, only you can influence the next contest

Jason Kurta

Heritage No#:10 

Rob Forbes

Heritage No#:5

Andrew Bonwick

Heritage No#:1 

Position: Vice President and determined Skip   

3 Favourite songs: Anything on Scotty Doran’s OHBC playlist 

Nickname: Bonners 

Andrew Bonwick

Heritage No#:24

Position: Versatile player in any position 

Tony Gilchrist

Heritage No#:7

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