In Loving Memory – Morris Brown

IN LOVING MEMORY πŸ’– Morris Brown
The Haileybury community is saddened by the recent passing of Morris Brown (OH ’56) – Haileybury student 1943-56 ; Haileybury teacher 1957-89 and 2004 – 2020; Secretary to the APS 1990 – 2003.Β Morris devoted much of his life to Haileybury.Β  He commenced here as a student at three and a half years of age. He went on to become a Prefect, and a successful cricketer and footballer at Senior School level. He captained the Athletics team to its first AGSV Premiership in 1956.Β David Bradshaw appointed him as a student teacher at the Junior School at Brighton in 1957, and Morris went on to a distinguished teaching and administrative career. He taught primary classes and physical education and sport until 1974. The new Principal,Β  Michael Aikman,Β  then chose to use Morris’ talents to co- ordinate sports throughout the School. So Morris moved to the Senior School in Keysborough.Β Β Haileybury sport was on an upward spiral from this point, and the School’s successive APS Athletics Premierships in the early 1980s were a high point in his career. The School continued to perform well in all sports during this golden period.Β In 1990 Morris left Haileybury to become the full-time APS Secretary. This meant he had jurisdiction over all aspects of the sporting programs of Melbourne’s most prominent private schools. During this testing time, the number of sports increased, and the competition was extended to include boys and girls. Morris brought all his skills to bear and after a successful period in the role, he retired at the end of 2003.Β However, then Principal Robert Pargetter was looking to bolster the teaching of games and sports, and in the following year he enticed Morris to return to Haileybury on a part-time basis. In particular he wanted Morris to implement the new sporting schedule for girls. And almost to this day, at over 80 years of age, he continued to serve Haileybury each week in teaching young children the basics of sports and the importance of fair play.Β Morris was a proud Old Haileyburian and regular convenor and attendee of events all over the State involving his peer group. He maintained strong friendships with a large number of former classmates, students and staff.Β It’s hard to summarise in a few words his long career, but his qualities stood out like beacons: his deep affection for the students and staff under his care, his calm, analytical and scrupulously fair approach, and his total commitment to every task he undertook. These things underpinned his magnificent contribution to Haileybury.Β Our sincere thoughts are with Morris’ wife Joan and their two sons, Stuart (OH ’80) and Alistair (OH ’83) and their families.A service to remember the life of Morris will be held on Wednesday 3 August at 11am in the David Bradshaw Chapel at Haileybury Keysborough.
Also, available to watch on Vimeo from the following link on Wednesday 3 August.

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