YOHA Rocking it in 2018

The OHA recognises the importance of engaging its young alumni and offering appealing and fun events, and for the past 6 years YOHA has been the event not to be missed.

YOHA is targeted at graduates who are up to 4 years out, so this year we welcomed members from Classes of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Many across year levels who attended, have played sport together, have socialised together and some are siblings and family members, as well as friends of friends.  So this year’s YOHA was a reunion where they could all catch up and spend time rekindling friendships and connections.  Whilst social media allows our young adults to remain connected, the OHA sees the importance of bringing our young alumni together to gather, socialise and spend time with each other at an event where they can have fun together.

The evening commenced with their arrival at 7.00 pm at a sensational and newly renovated nightspot called Baroq House, situated up a quirky laneway near Melbourne Central.  Guests were greeted with a choice of 2 delicious cocktails.  The interior of Baroq House is truly exotic and plush and guests were overwhelmed by the sheer opulence, as they entered.  Guests were greeted by YOHA’s resident DJ Khanh Ong (OH 2009) who was a recent MasterChef 2018 finalist.  Khanh spent the evening rocking out the music, getting our guests onto the dance floor, and posing it a lot of selfies!

Rather than a normal photo booth, we decided to opt for something a little different this year.  Instead, we secured the services of a GIF/Video Photo Booth – Pash Photobooths, owned by past students Pav “last name” (peer year) and Shanka “last name” (peer year).  3 second videos were created of groups posing, then the video file uploaded to them for them to post on their preferred social media platforms.  Fun!

In addition, we had 2 digital artists who drew caricatures of our guests.  To modernise this activity, the artists drew directly onto large iPads, where the images of the drawings, were streamed to a TV, so all guests at the venue could see who was being drawn.  Again, the image provided to the guest for uploading on their social media platforms.

With drinks and delicious food being offered at YOHA, our event officially ended at 10.00 pm.  Our guests were very lucky to be able to continue their party at Baroq House, until they were ready to call it a night!

We offered a variety of our guests Uber vouchers as prizes for early bookings and 2 lucky guests each won a private booth for 10, secured for them to use after YOHA finished at 10 pm.  They won these private booths as a reward for gathering friendship groups and encouraging their friends to book tickets.

The event was a complete success and we were extremely happy to see our young adults engaging with each other and having a lot of fun.

We look forward to hosting YOHA again in 2019 and next year we will be welcoming Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!

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