OHA Cross Country Club captures our hearts

Over the journey, the OHA Cross Country Club have had countless moments to celebrate and some incredible highs. They include 9 men’s division 1 premiership titles, the inaugural women’s premiership title in 1999 and countless individual awards. Some of the greats of Australian distance running have proudly worn the magenta singlet over our 33 year journey as a club.

On the weekend there was no crossing the finish line first, nor any individual glory. Our numbers were decimated by illness, unavailability and unforeseen circumstances. However, in the spirit of Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards who captured the hearts and minds of the world, despite finishing last in his two ski jump events at the 1988 Calgary winter games, we celebrate the journey and being a part of this great race.

David Metherall (OH ’65), 75 years young, debuted in team 1, 33 years after being a founding member of the club. Surely some kind of record. Jono Tyler (OH ’96), also a team 1 debut some 25 years on from first representing the club, Despite the shadows lengthening as our team crossed the line in last place, this team with a combined 140 odds years of service to Old Haileybury Cross Country (most certainly a record for any first team that has raced in the 90 year history of the APSOC) we say well done. Sometimes the journey is more important than the end result.

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