Where are they Now – Claire Brown (OH 2013)

Claire Brown (OH 2013) is Senior Campaign Manager at Birchal, Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform.  Claire joined the company back in early 2019 as their second hire, 6 months after it acquired its intermediary licence.  Since then, Birchal has raised over $50M for more than 97 Australian companies, where everyday Australians can buy shares in private and unlisted public companies.

Originally undertaking an undergraduate degree in film and television, Claire continues to be passionate about sharing the inspiring stories of companies she works with and to help break down the knowledge barriers for investors that are making their first foray into the world of business.  Managing people, relationships, being incredibly organised and relishing in project based tasks are her key strengths.  Claire continues to love her job, is thriving in the team environment and is excited to be a part of this rapidly expanding start-up.

Claire’s path prior to this role included taking a gap year to work in Poland in 2014, traveling overseas, completing her undergraduate at Swinburne, living in Germany, interning at Matchbox Pictures and completing a Masters of Entrepreneurship at Melbourne University.

Outside of work, Claire wanted to take on a new challenge and is engaging her entrepreneurial skills to launch her ‘side-hustle’ as a Marriage Celebrant.  Already getting booked for 2022, she’ll be complete with her studies by the end of 2021. In her words, what nicer way to spend your time than helping two people celebrate their love with their family and friends!?

If Claire was to give advice to her younger self leaving school today, it would be:

  • Work out what you are good at – not in terms of school subjects, but ways of thinking. Are you a people person? Do you like working in teams? Do you like tackling problems or are you happy to follow the rules? Your career might change, but your core strengths will always serve you, so look inwards and have a think about what they are!
  • Some people work to live or live to work. You can be either and be successful – and yes, Dad, there are other professions out there over medicine!
  • Be ok that your skills, dreams, ambitions may change throughout your life. Who cares? It’s your life, never feel like you’re letting someone else’s expectations down.  As long as you’re happy and wake up pumped for the day ahead you’re winning!
  • People recognise when you’ve tried to do the right thing and produce the best work you can. Always try to be your best & doors will open for you!
  • Fortune favours the optimists! Be happy, treat people well and say YES to the opportunities that pop up in your path!

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