Where are they Now – Mark Harrop (OH 1987)

We are shining a spotlight on the incredible journey of Mark Harrop (OH 1987).

Mark’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a touch of serendipity. From a Haileybury student to a remarkable staff member and now a proud Haileybury parent, Mark’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

As a Maths and Physical Education teacher at both Newlands and Castlefield, Mark’s teaching philosophy is all about forming strong relationships with the students by infusing fun and humour into the classroom and creating an environment that sparks inspiration and engagement among his students. One of his former students fondly recalls, “I would like to mention Mark Harrop as my favourite teacher. A great teacher!”

However, Mark’s connection to Haileybury goes beyond the classroom. He met his lovely wife, Bronwyn, at the School, and they are now proud parents to three amazing children: Jazmin (OH 2022), Jack (Year 11), and Ben (Year 9). Mark is also part of the extraordinarily sporty Harrop family, with brothers Scott (OH 1989), Dean (OH 1996), and Brett (OH 1997). Last year there was a Harrop representing every year level from Year 7 to 12!

Mark reflects on his teaching journey, saying, “I’ve enjoyed teaching more and more each year and am grateful for the opportunities provided to me at Haileybury. I love how every day is different.”

Currently, Mark is doing a stellar job as the Acting Head of Newlands, continuing to inspire and guide the next generation of Haileybury students on their educational journey.

Please join us in congratulating Mark Harrop on his outstanding contributions to education and the Haileybury community!

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