Neil Tunstall (OH ’79) taking on Stride 4 Stroke

INSPO ALERT ???? On 26th February 2010, Neil Tunstall (OH ’79), suffered from a stroke and spent 5 days in a Stroke Ward.
“It was a frightening experience and I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. I was unable to communicate properly and had lost the ability to read and write” says Neil. With the love and care of his wonderful wife, daughter, family and friends; coupled with the amazing care from Monash Medical, Neil was able to come out the other side and get back to some normality.
Neil recognised that not all stroke victims are as fortunate as he is, so Neil is taking on the Stride 4 Stroke challenge to help raise funds for research as well as help other victims and their families.
If you are able to support Neil in his challenge, he would love your support! Check out his page and let’s try and help him reach his goal.

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