OHA Community Grants program providing impact

We are proud of the difference that we have made and the fact that we have supported up to 16 Haileybury community members with this project.

The grants and recipients are outlined as follows;

Eagles Corner – Michael Carter (OH ’65)

Eagles Corner provides the practical means to aid remarkable transformation in men’s lives, leading to reconciliation for families as a whole. Their aim is to bring hope, restore dignity and purpose, and impart the skills needed to take steps toward productive and fulfilling lives.

Shine Cambodia – Daniel Hamilton (OH 2016) and Hayley McKenna (OH 2015)

Shine provides accommodation as part of the salary package for employees who require accommodation due to moving jobs or are coming from outside of the area. The construction of this accommodation will function as a sheltered space and used for dining time.

Fight MND – Daniel Ward (OHAFC)

Funds directed to Fight MND in support of the Daniher’s Drive initiative.

National Youth Science Forum – Helena Peng (OH 2018) and Katya Gvozdenko (OH 2019)

The NYSF aims to encourage young people to continue studying science related subjects in university and to build careers in the various science, technology and engineering fields and has been operating for more than 30 years. Both girls were selected to attend the NYSF by the Rotary Club of Brighton.

Habitat for Humanity – Ian Herman (OH ’83)

Partners from Grant Thornton Australia came together to make a tangible difference to a disadvantaged community in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam by building homes for families in need.

Ian Davis (OH ’95)

Supporting Ian who is in palliative care suffering from MND. Funds are directed to his family to assist for their future.

Material Aid program – Hannah Vuong (OH 2013)

The Material Aid Program is an initiative that delivers medical equipment to under-resourced healthcare institutions in the developing world. Our partner hospitals provide us with a wish list of much-needed medical materials, which our volunteers then work to obtain and deliver through students and NGOs visiting these communities overseas. We aim to provide an alternative pathway for surplus materials from Melbourne hospitals and clinics through sustainable partnerships.

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care – Brett Capron (OH ’97) Brett Jenkins (OH ’97) and Stuart Isaacs (OH ’93)

Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) is committed to improving clinical practice and patient outcomes through its quality improvement programmes and research with the aim of extending life expectancy from 37 to 50 years by 2025.

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