Where are they Now – Maddison McAlister (OH 2018)

Maddison McAlister (OH 2018) is pursuing her dreams of working in the healthcare industry whilst immersing herself within the music community.

As an accomplished French Horn player, Maddison continues to be involved in well renowned orchestras and wind symphonies and simultaneously inspiring younger musical generations whilst employed at Haileybury (2019 – 2020) and Avila College (2021).

Maddison is in her final year of her Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at Monash University and is currently applying for postgraduate courses. She is passionate about reducing the health care burden cast upon Australia’s most underprivileged. As such, Maddison volunteers in disadvantaged schools, encouraging students to attend tertiary education and learn essential life skills during the process.

After graduating, Maddison hopes to get back into her netball and rowing, and go on her planned, but unfortunately cancelled, international trips to Japan, Indonesia and Europe. She is excited to see where she will end up and will take every opportunity in both hands.

What a wonderful and positive attitude to life you have, Maddison!

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