Where are they Now – Will Stock (OH 2015)

Will Stock (OH 2015) started life after Haileybury studying Business (majoring in Banking and Finance) at Monash Uni. He studied in Europe on a Banking & Finance Study Program tour and lived in Sweden for six months studying Entrepreneurship and Economics.

In 2020, he was accepted into the L’Oreal graduate program as a management trainee and is currently an Assistant Consumer Engagement and Data Marketing Brand Manager for Georgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent. Will says Haileybury taught him to be the “best version of yourself and try to understand more every day to stay ahead of the pack”.

He is most proud of being accepted into the L’Oreal graduate program and for travelling the world while at Uni and is “super excited to keep learning new skills, and to work on my career and shape it into what I want it to become.”

Will recently returned to participate in the Haileybury Careers ‘Spark Series’. Thank you for sharing your journey with our students, and for Staying Connected Will!

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