Where are they Now – Aaron Truong (OH 2013)

Aaron Truong (OH 2013) graduated Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts (Global Studies)/Science, International Development and Geographical Sciences. He also has a Masters of Urban Planning and Design, Architecture and Design.

After having held various hospitality jobs during his undergraduate years, Aaron worked at Uber as an Expert in Melbourne. At the time he was responsible for managing driver-partner relationships helping them to manage any technical issues, coordinate with relevant stakeholders and evaluate any improvements from both driver-partner and user perspective. The fast-pace technology start-up sector was exciting, extremely rewarding and challenging.

Nowadays, Aaron is thoroughly enjoying his role as an Urbanist at Ethos Urban. He has a strong passion for finding innovative solutions to current problems facing our cities and how as planners they can leave a legacy that combats climate change, includes all citizens of all ages, and respects the natural environment.

He has experience working in local government and his expertise includes projects involving COVID-19 impacts on 20-minute neighbourhoods, innovative affordable housing projects and urban development projects reutilising existing infrastructure locations. Aaron also has experience writing planning delegates reports, reviewing State and Local Government planning policies and collaborating with various stakeholders to achieve best urban development outcomes in greenfield development and urban renewal sites. Most recently, he has been interested in the Suburban Railway Loop and the benefits and impacts it will have on middle-ring suburbs for future generations and the impacts of COVID-19 with the ‘Great Resignation’ where people no longer are required to work in the office.

Aaron is a versatile Urban Planner who enjoys participating in various projects to expand his knowledge and capacity as an urban professional with a strong passion to make cities more liveable, equitable and safer. He is passionate about innovative design and principles towards greater sustainability, liveability and affordability.

If you would like career or planning advice, please connect with Aaron via linkedin.com/in/aaron-truong-1441a4108.

Well done Aaron finding a career you love!

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