Where are they Now – Jan-Lee Chin (OH 2009)

Jan-Lee Chin (OH 2009) is a designer and creative. Ever since she graduated, Jan-Lee started going on a journey that made her realise there are two things she really loves in life – creating things with her hands and building brands.

The first job Jan-Lee had was a volunteer position at a startup called Thankyou. Little did she know that beginning her career here would spark a passion that wasn’t just for visual design. She was surrounded by an amazingly talented team who were super talented at their roles but best of all, they were working towards a mission that they all believed in – to make great products to help end global poverty. It’s no small feat, but the most valuable learning that Jan-Lee found along the way “is that no idea is ever too big to pursue”.

Since then, Jan-Lee made some more jumps in her career, but the most recent was leaving Melbourne in 2019 to chase a new dream of living in a different, fast moving city. She moved to San Francisco to further her love for working with startups and building brands, which led her to her current company, Life360. “We’re an app and service company, but beyond that, we’re all about developing technology that helps make families feel safe and connected. The team here are some of the brightest minds that I’ve met! It’s been wonderful to keep growing here because I still love working in design. There’s always so much to learn, it’s iterative, it’s collaborative, it’s failing fast, and it’s always dreaming about ways to make ideas possible!”.

Keep chasing your dreams, Jan-Lee!

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