Where are they Now – Steve Danielsen (OH 2000)

What are you up to musically at the moment?

Currently I’m in and out of auditions for new shows, and continually working on my vocals. Recently I’ve performed at Broadway Unplugged and performed the National Anthem at the Australia vs England Rugby match at AAMI Park.

When you left school, you became more of a screen actor? What parts did you play in this period of your life?

I played a lot of guest rolls after school. Shows such as Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Saddle Club, Stingers, Marshall Law, City Homicide, Underbelly etc. My characters for the cop shows were villains mostly – including Saddle Club! I also played a couple of lighter character rolls in Tangle and Offspring.

How did you get started in the area of musical theatre?

It was actually Haileybury that gave me the Musical bug. I did Guys and Dolls, and A Chorus Line in year 11 and 12. Also did some straight theatre and Shakespeare! From there I went to Monash University and studied Performing Arts, while I started gigging at some theatre restaurants. From there I went to classes and lessons along the way to keep the passion until I scored my first role in the Musical Xanadu!

How did your formative years at Haileybury prepare you for the various roles you have held in your life?

The Drama department is where I spent most of my time at School. It was a great department where we were taught well, and also felt comfortable to be creative and learn about all facets of the world of acting and stage performing. With the direction, support and belief of Stewart Bell I always thought leaving school that I would have what it took to turn my acting passion into a career.

You recently played Fiyero in the musical, Wicked? Was this an enjoyable role and did it open up any doors for you?

Playing Fiyero in Wicked was incredible! Ever since seeing Wicked on Broadway many years ago I wanted to play Fiyero. It has opened up many doors. Being involved in such a large scale show and working with many talented people in the industry I learnt a lot and can take all of those relationships and knowledge onto my next job!

What does an average day look like for you?

Currently I’m working a day job and working with my hands on cars! Have to have something to do to pay the mortgage and find something that allows auditions. So I get up and head to work, and try to keep fit and stay on top of the acting. So try and head to the gym, learn new songs and stay fresh and healthy ready for the next audition!

Do you continue to train and develop yourself in your profession? How?

You can never be 100% ready at all times. So I go to singing lessons and head to the occasional dance class to keep on top of the musical side of things. Also I like to work on my audition songs – so I’ll keep on top of new material as well. Sometimes I’ll grab out the camera and shoot some screen tests to keep on top of the TV acting cause you never know when those auditions are going to pop up.

What is on the horizon and how would you like to see yourself in 5-10 years time?

Currently I’m building my first home which is stressful but very exciting! So that’s the focus at the moment, and then personally I’d like to get married and have kids one day! Haha. Professionally I’ll continue to audition for things and hopefully land a few more long term gigs! And there is always the pipe dream of heading to the states for a while and trying it out in LA!

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