Where are they Now – Elise Nash (OH 2014)

Elise Nash (OH 2014) studied a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Management, at Monash University. She worked as a PR Assistant and Media Assistant before an incredible opportunity unexpectedly presented.

In September 2019, Elise was at an airport overseas when she came across her dream role online, Studio Marketing Coordinator at The Walt Disney Company. It was the perfect time to apply as she had 2 hours to kill until she boarded. She arrived at her destination to discover she had been granted an interview. As she was on holidays in Europe, Elise had to borrow business clothes and interviewed for the role at 6am on Zoom (before Zoom became a part of our vernacular!).

Elise loves her role which sees her working with the Marketing team on the Marvel, Star Wars and Fox franchise films as well as Disney+ releases. She also has the opportunity to work with The Walt Disney Company in the United States to develop individual strategies for each release and creates assets to reach audiences around Australia and New Zealand. Elise enjoys working with a broad range of platforms during the campaigns which include TV, Out Of Home billboards, print, digital, social and radio.

Elise wasn’t a Marvel or Star Wars admirer before commencing with Disney, however she is now a massive Marvel fan! She has a great deal of fun working with Marvel Studios to create ‘Phase 4’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and can’t wait for Australia to see the upcoming films.

Elise was a talented dancer and dance teacher at Haileybury, with a highlight being competing with her team at the World’s in 2018 at Disney World in the USA. Competing at Disney World Florida must have been a sign of even better times to come!

Thanks for Staying Connected Elise and all the best in the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’

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