Stay Connected with Lincoln Hilton (OH 2010)

Lincoln Hilton (OH 2010) is the current Acting Director of Pipes and Drums at Haileybury. His work as an avant-garde Youtube/Facebook artist sees his contemporary bagpipe tunes being played across the globe by many Grade 1 bands, schools and individuals alongside being featured on shows such as BBC, the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo and more. His professional achievements include consecutive winner of Professional Victorian Quaich (state solo piping competition), Grade 1 Australia Pipe Band Champion with Western Australia Police Pipe Band, Grade 1 World Bagad Champion with Bagad Cap Caval, MacCrimmon Champion in the Scottish category (professional international invitational solo competition) and two time Australasian Young Piper of the Year. Recently, he composed a tune in honour of Haileybury, named Altera Terra which was played by the 2018 Grade 1 World Pipe Band Champions Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band in their winning medley. Lincoln enjoys mostly growing the future generation of pipers and creating new music for his bi-monthly piping book which is sent out to 27 countries, Modern Piping.


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