Rafferty Dall (OH 2014)

Where are they now: Rafferty Dall (OH 2014) was delighted to be featured in this ‘Where Are They Now’ series, and a few pieces of his schooling life have found their way into his passions today.

Raff is a mental health advocate and is studying a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at The University of Melbourne with plans of becoming a registered psychologist. This has involved creating content/events for his non-profit ‘Balanced Blokes’, as well as interviewing a diverse range of guests on his podcast ‘Finding the Middle’. After spending 2 years on a science degree, measuring a fish’s intestine and lack of interest inspired a career change to a DJ. His favourite subject in Year 12, Music, has him come full circle!

Over the last 6 years, Raff was Director of an event management business, ‘Party with Purpose’, which merged to become the event arm of ‘Balanced Blokes’ and has a strong relationship with Lighthouse Foundation, which is another non-profit aiming to end youth homelessness. Through functions, events and volunteering, Raff aims to support disadvantaged youth through a variety of avenues in a unique way.

To improve the performance side of event management, Raff delved into acting and stand-up comedy in 2023. It has become an awesome creative outlet and has even allowed him to be featured in a short film, Neighbours and a Shapes ad! He is also very pleased to share that he will be performing his very own show, ‘The Insecuribles’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on 5th-7th April and hopefully will see some of his classmates there.

Raff is excited about attending his 10 Year Reunion on Friday, 10 May. He is very keen to see some old familiar faces 😊!

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