Tippi Morgan (OH 2020)

Celebrating Haileybury Rendall School (HRS) alumni: Currently in her 4th year of Medicine at Monash University, Tippi Morgan (OH 2020) from Haileybury Rendall School is diving deep into her studies, with a particular interest in psychiatry. Her current student placement at the Alfred Hospital psychiatry ward is fuelling her career aspirations, and she couldn’t be more grateful for it!

Outside the lecture halls, Tippi wears many hats, from empowering people with mental ill health as a support worker to engaging with the local community as a kitchen hand at a homeless shelter. Not to mention her involvement in research projects, including an MDMA/PTSD trial at Monash Clinical Psychedelic Lab.

Tippi made lifelong friends at HRS, and she continues to go on camping and road trips with them. Although, according to Tippi, “the camping isn’t the same in Victoria without the epic NT waterfalls”. She also enjoys indulging her creative side by writing, watching movies, reading books, and soaking up Melbourne’s radical art scene. Living in a vibrant shared house with friends she made during her college years at Monash, she’s built a tight-knit community around her like she did at HRS.

Reflecting on her HRS journey, Tippi fondly remembers the pastoral and academic care she received together with her small Year 12 cohort, particularly her English teacher, Miss Ritchie, and Maths teacher, Miss Lee, who ignited her love for learning. Even after graduation, Tippi continued to catch up with Miss Lee, appreciative of her guidance and mentorship.

Thanks for staying connected, Tippi! We look forward to following your inspirational journey 😊.

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