Welcome Back School Captains!

We were delighted to welcome back the following School Captains, as leaders for the 2019 school year were inducted;

John Isaac (OH ’61)

Donald Sinclair (OH ’64)

Russell Sincock (OH ’65)

Eric Allan (OH ’66)

Tim Parkes (OH ’70)

Andrew Batty (OH ’72)

Kym Bridgford (OH ’75)

Dean Gust (OH ’80)

Stuart Brown (OH ’81)

Brian Pollard (OH ’82)

Sean Ralphsmith (OH ’84)

David Ryan (OH ’85)

Jamie Harris (OH ’96)

Myles Kendall (OH ’99)

Timothy Jacob (OH 2005)

Pavneet Arneja (OH 2006)

Dayna Schinz (OH 2007)

Sahil Shekar (OH 2007)

Chiara Dogliotti (OH 2013)

Darren Lam (OH 2014)

Harrison Jones (OH 2015)

Barbara Van de Merwe (OH 2015)

Manoj Arachige (OH 2016)

Lachlan Coman (OH 2017)

Georgie Kibel (OH 2017)

We congratulate the newest Prefects and House Leaders as they commence their 2019 school year leadership duties. The 2019 Haileybury School Captains are as follows;

Haileybury Girls College

Captain : Elissa Sugunananthan

Vice Captains : Katya Gvozdenko, Yannee Liu, Alysha Allcock

Haileybury College

Captain : Harry Traum

Vice Captains : Rishi Madiraju, Raman Sanjayman and Matthew Robson.

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