Where are they Now – John-Paul Borghouts (OH ’94)

John-Paul (JP) Borghouts (OH ’94), also known as Sergeant Borghouts, is in Royal Australian Army active reserves. He has worked in the Army for 24 years, 10 years full time and 14 years in the active reserve. He is hoping to soon to be promoted to Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2). Whilst in active reserve, JP has also been working as a civilian police officer, mainly as a NSW Police Highway patrol officer. JP’s brother, Peter (OH ’91) joined the Army in 1992 and it was he who inspired JP to head in this direction. JP’s passion for helping the community is second to none!
JP has served in Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Victoria (Puckapunyal). In 2001, he was deployed to Border Force assisting with securing the borders when there were major issues with illegal boats and immigrants. He is an investigator in the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police. Part of his role with the Military Police was dealing with traffic road related trauma. As such he conducted promotional work with V8 SuperCars whilst at Puckapunyal trying to prevent further road trauma. JP is passionate about preventing road trauma as a mate from the Army was involved in a serious crash with a drunk driver.
Unfortunately JP missed out on overseas deployment as a result of injuries which was disappointing for him. However, the highlight of his career is the mateship that comes with the job. They may not speak for 3-4 years but when you catch up with them, it’s like no time has passed…Mates for life!
JP has been happily married for 14 years and has two terrific teenage children. He still feels connected to Haileybury and he and Peter enjoyed attending the Canberra Chapter dinner in 2019. His children would have definitely attended Haileybury had they been living in Melbourne.

Thanks JP for staying connected and for your continued service to our great country.

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