Where are they Now – Nyanta Parashar (OH 2021)

Nyanta Parashar graduated from Haileybury Rendall School (HRS) in 2021 and is now thoroughly enjoying her first year studying a Bachelor of Medical Science at the Australian National University in Canberra. Her dream is to become a Bio Medical Engineer, by completing a 4-year double degree in Medical Science and Engineering. Haileybury’s VCE focus on exams has assisted Nya’s greatly. Nya “had some of the most amazing teachers at Haileybury who still keep in contact” with her for support.

Nya’s favourite memories of HRS include being Social Justice Prefect which provided her with access to a myriad of opportunities…a weekend Sony camp on campus whereby children from Darwin and the surrounds, with learning difficulties, came to the school and together with some teachers, undertook experiments such as making slime; excursions to Leanyer Water Park and Adventure Land:, helping to organise the World’s Greatest Shave Leukaemia Foundation fundraising event at the school plus the countless fun house activities. Haileybury staff from Victoria visiting to communicate what’s happening around the entire school was also a highlight.

Nya attended our recent Canberra Chapter dinner and commented it “was really cool. I didn’t know what to expect. It was great seeing so many different generations of Haileyburians. There are so many opportunities being a part of the Haileybury alumni. There were quite a few overlaps of stories… someone even started singing one of the hymns”.

Nya is keen to attend more OHA events in the future as she has realised just how enjoyable they are and how important networks can be.

Thanks for staying connected, Nya!

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