Where are they Now – Isaac Thomas (OH 2019)

Isaac Thomas (OH 2019) is currently studying a double degree in Law and Cyber Security at Deakin University.

Isaac shared that his interest in studying law was actually sparked by watching SUITS on Netflix. However, it was a combination of studying Legal Studies at school (giving thanks to Mrs. Mackie & Mr. Edwards) and being fortunate enough to have gained invaluable experience at various law firms in Melbourne that that solidified his decision to study law after graduation.

Upon obtaining his law degree, Isaac plans on becoming a corporate lawyer at one of the five “Magic Circle” law firms. At this stage he is open to exploring all that Corporate Law has to offer, but if I could choose, he hopes to specialise in Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions or Competition Law.

While 2020 has proved to be a challenge for many institutions, at Deakin he was fortunate to already have a fully online campus to accommodate international students and offer maximum flexibility to domestic students. At the click of a button he was re-enrolled as a “Cloud Student” and ready to tackle his first year of Law School. At first, Isaac was hesitant about how online learning would pan out, however the excellent resources and support at Deakin made it a seamless transition and an enjoyable journey for him.

We thank Isaac for Staying Connected and sharing his story and look forward to watching his career journey.

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