Where are they Now – Courtney Baron (OH 2011)

INSPO ALERT ????Courtney Baron (OH 2011) has a bachelor in Nursing, has completed her Post Graduate Studies in Critical Care and continues her study for a Masters in Nursing. Courtney works at the Alfred Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and has been for the past 2.5 years. Courtney took a moment out of her busy schedule to share a bit about herself and the job that she loves so much!

Q: WHAT DOES A DAY IN THE LIFE OF COURTNEY LOOK LIKE? We’re BUSY with the second wave of COVID patients and are extremely hard at work. Caring for isolated patients means more work for all health care professionals involved in the patients care.

Q: WHY NURSING? I do what I do because I love it! I love being able to help the incredibly sick patients which is what we see at the Alfred Hospital. I love being able to work alongside incredible nursing and medical staff to help save lives and make a difference (even when we are not in a global pandemic). I work so hard to care for my patients so that once they have left ICU I get to see them come back in and show us how they are and how their lives have improved and what they are doing. I do my job to help those who cannot help themselves, and also to help family members alongside some of the hardest and toughest moments of their lives. My job is physically and mentally tough, and it’s knowing the positive difference I get to make everyday which gets me through.

Q: WHY DO YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH? I love my job because it’s constantly growing, in terms of evidence based practice and technology. There is always an opportunity to up-skill and learn new ways to improve patient care to provide positive patient outcomes. There is always an opportunity in my work environment to be better and that is what I’m always striving for. This is why I am still studying.


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