Where are they Now – Tayla Bevan nee Daly (OH 2011)

Tayla Bevan nee Daly (OH 2011) recently Stay Connected with the Office and shared her journey from graduation.
Wow I can’t believe almost 10 years has passed since I graduated from Haileybury! It feels like just the other day, yet also a lifetime ago that I was at school!
The experiences I was fortunate enough to have, and the Haileyburian values of integrity, respect, diversity and compassion, have all helped shape me into the person I am today. It taught me to take every opportunity that comes my way, to have the courage to back my passions and try new things, and to have the confidence to leave behind the things that do not align with who I want to be.
Since graduating I dabbled in a few different careers before finding one I love at age 25. I have done lots of travelling and soul searching, and can honestly say, at 27 years old, I am the happiest, most content, I have ever been.
On a girls trip in Bali I met my now husband and moved up to Tweed Heads. I have gained a wonderful step son, and together we have a beautiful daughter who has recently turned one. Being a mum has been the greatest gift. I have such a profound sense of purpose, it truly is the biggest blessing to experience such pure, unconditional love, and seeing the world again through innocent eyes. It is the most important, yet underrated job in the world to raise children, and it makes me strive to be the best version of myself I can be.
My husband and I have recently bought a 43ft yacht and have been doing it up to sail over to Indonesia and live abroad with our family. Until then, we are loving spending time as a family and exploring the crystal clear waters, and seeing all the beautiful marine life that Tweed & QLD has to offer!

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