Spark Series Spotlight – Yannee Liu (OH 2019)

The OHA are delighted when alumni give back to their school. This year, saw the introduction of the Haileybury Spark Series, developed and run by the Haileybury Careers Department. OHA members volunteered their time to come back and speak to students about their possible careers paths.

Yannee recently returned to the School to speak at the Science (Pharmacy, HealthScience, Technology) session of the Haileybury Spark Series.

We had the pleasure of getting to know Yannee a little more through the Spark Spotlight Series:

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I graduated from Haileybury Girls College in 2019 as School Vice Captain. I am currently a second-year student studying a Bachelors of Pharmacy (Honours)/ Masters of Pharmacy at Monash university. Currently, I work in hospital pharmacy and I am also a first-year pharmacy unit facilitator part of the PASS program (Peer Assisted Study Sessions). Alongside my best friend, also a Haileybury graduate, we are collaborating with the Immunisation Coalition on holding an Influenza Action Week campaign for 2022. During this campaign, we provide free influenza vaccinations, facilitate activities and bring about awareness on infectious diseases. I like getting involved in case competitions and Hackathons with my high school friends – these include the Microsoft Protege competition, BeyondHealth Influenza Hackathon. I am passionate about community involvement and leadership. Currently, I am part of the Ancora Imparo leadership program, and I am also a student ambassador for the faculty.

What did your post-school pathway look like? Did it differ from the pathway you had in mind when you finished school?

After I graduated from high school, I travelled during the summer break to Brisbane for UN Youth Evatt Nationals and to Haileybury China campus where I was an assistant teacher. I then commenced my first year of tertiary education at Monash. The opportunities I have had and the competitions I have been involved in have been unexpected but extremely rewarding. These include writing an editorial for the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

What were your priorities in school? How have your priorities changed since leaving, if they have changed?

In Year 12, my priority was about my VCE studies. Whilst academics is still a priority, my perspective has now shifted to also focus on the importance of being involved in extra-curricular activities, leadership, work experience, the value of networking and mentors.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of becoming UN Youth Evatt Nationals Champion alongside my partner (Liv Craig – Haileybury graduate) in 2019. I am also proud of helping to organise a national Influenza Action Week, offering free influenza vaccinations in Melbourne and Sydney by collaborating with the Immunisation Coalition in 2020/2021.

Did you ever stumble? Did you experience strife or fear related to your transition to higher education/work?

Yes, absolutely, I have experienced numerous rejections when applying for work in hospital pharmacy. I have also struggled in my first year of online studies as a pharmacy student balancing my co-curriculars with my studies.

What are you excited for now or in the future when it comes to education/work?

I am excited to be involved in more case competitions and to develop the solution proposed by my team in the Microsoft Protege case competition. The competition models IT/business consultants where teams propose a solution using Microsoft technologies to reimagine a post-pandemic world choosing a range of industries. Our team focused on the education industry. I am also excited to continue partnering with the Immunisation Coalition to hold Influenza Action Week and the Art Prize in 2022.

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