Stay Connected with Rija Khanal (OH 2008)

Today we release the third edition in our OHA Stay Connected Series #2 – Stay Connected with Rija Khanal (OH 2008). Rija was part of the second graduating class at Haileybury Girls College in 2008. Rija grew up in Thailand, however her background is Nepalese. She moved to Australia in 2006 and straight into Haileybury’s inaugural Girls Senior School. Rija is currently a junior paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She is a passionate social justice campaigner and following the earthquake in Kathmandu in 2015, Rija set up the group Victorians Stand for Nepal, to assist victims with health care supplies. One of her greatest achievements has been the setting up of another group, Crossing Boarders, which provides regular assistance to refugees and asylum seekers, here in Victoria. Enjoy this wonderful story of a lovely Old Haileyburian.


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